Beet, Jalapeno + Ginger Sauerkraut

I’m a big fan of the Farmhouse Culture Ginger Beet Sauerkraut, and like most store-bought things, I tell myself that “I could SO make this at home” every time I buy it.  So, I did.  I added a little bit of my own flair with garlic and jalapeños, and after a couple weeks on the counter, I’m pretty darn pleased with the result.  I love cultured veggies with just about everything–pop this on top of salads, serve as a side dish or condiment!  The bright purple color from the beets and red cabbage is totally gorgeous, to boot!

Cultured veggies are packed with probiotics to promote a healthy gut, aiding in digestion and immune function! The ginger, garlic and jalapeños add a powerful immune boost as well and aid in circulation.  Lacto-fermentation is an easy way to make your own probiotic superfoods and store foods for an extended period of time!


1  large head red cabbage, shredded (Reserve 2-3 of the outer leaves)
3 medium beets, peeled and shredded
4 cloves garlic, minced
4 jalapeño peppers, seeded and finely diced
2-3 inches ginger, peeled and finely minced
1 tablespoon unrefined sea salt

Toss together the cabbage, beets, garlic, jalapeños, ginger and sea salt in a large mixing bowl.  Knead the mixture together until juices begin to release, about 5-7 minutes.  You may want to wear gloves for this step! Allow to rest for a few minutes, then knead for another 5-7 minutes.


Pack the mixture into a liter sized mason jar.  You want the brine (salty liquid) to completely cover all of the vegetables.  Use the reserved cabbage leaves to completely cover the vegetables, taking up any additional space in the jar.  Pack them down tightly and secure with a stone or weight if needed.  Close the lid of the mason jar and leave at room temperature for about 2 weeks.  Taste for sourness, and leave out on the counter until desired taste is achieved, up to another week.  Store in the fridge for up to a year.

Grapefruit, Fennel + Kale Juice

IMG_5643 IMG_4808

This weekend, a friend talked me into splitting a giant case of beautiful Texas grapefruit at the farmer’s market.  What to do with it all remains a mystery and I’m afraid my kitchen table might collapse from the weight of it all.  So far it has made its way into a grapefruit and fennel salad, has been broiled with honey until bubbling, and has been devoured solo.

This morning I juiced it, together with some winter greens and a little ginger, and the result was refreshing and delicious without being too sweet.  This juice is high in Vitamins A, C + K, packs digestive and detox benefits and is filled with powerful antioxidants.  When juicing, and always, organic is best.

Makes two 16 oz servings

8 stalks lacinato kale (curly kale will also work)
6 stalks celery
1 small bulb fennel, plus fronds
2-3 grapefruit, peeled
1 inch nub ginger

Run the ingredients through your juicer, alternating between high moisture content fruits and vegetables (like grapefruit and celery) and those with lower moisture content (like kale).

Garnish with a grapefruit slice. Cheers!